How To Recover A Birth Certificate

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How To Recover A Birth Certificate
How To Recover A Birth Certificate
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Every person must have a birth certificate in their hands for the whole of their adult life. This document may be needed in any case related to the execution of various legal transactions, for example, purchase and sale transactions, when applying for loans, obtaining a foreign passport, retirement, etc. In case of loss of a birth certificate, it is necessary to restore this document as soon as possible.

How to recover a birth certificate
How to recover a birth certificate


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A birth certificate is issued by the registry office to parents after the birth of a child on the basis of a certificate from the maternity hospital where the birth took place. A birth certificate is the main document of a minor child until he receives a passport of a Russian citizen. But even after reaching the age of fourteen, the birth certificate will need to be carefully stored, as it may be needed when processing legal transactions of various kinds.

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But unfortunately, filing an application for the restoration of a birth certificate is one of the most common applications for loss of documents. According to statistics, such requests are in second place. It is possible to restore a birth certificate only upon application of an adult citizen, the owner of the certificate, or the legal representative of a child under the age of eighteen (these can be parents or guardians). If one of the parents, who was previously deprived of parental rights, wants to receive a birth certificate, then the appropriate authority will refuse to provide him with the document. In some cases, relatives can obtain a birth certificate, but only if there is a certificate of death of the person for whom the birth certificate was issued.

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Obtaining a duplicate birth certificate is necessary if the original has been stolen, lost or become unusable. If your document has become unusable, you will need to bring it with you when you contact us. A damaged birth certificate is a document, part of the text of which is not readable in whole or in part, the seal, signature or number of the document is not visible. This also includes such cases when the document was torn or part of the certificate is missing. In addition, the replacement of the certificate may be necessary if the previous one has become dilapidated. You can apply even if the original birth certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed. If you or someone else has laminated the document, then it must be replaced. Also, the replacement of the birth certificate will be necessary if the owner of the document decides to change the surname or first name. In this case, it will be necessary to fill out a questionnaire in the form number 15. If the document is changed to a minor child, then the consent of the parents or his guardians is required. In addition, it will be necessary to indicate the reason for the replacement of data and documents that will be the justification for the change. If the change of surname or first name is made to a child over ten years old, then in addition to the parents' statement, the child's consent will be required.

Step 4

Another reason why you may need to obtain a duplicate birth certificate of a child is when one of the parents does not provide the second with this document for some reason. This happens mainly in cases of conflict between the parents of the child. In this case, upon receipt of a duplicate, it will be valid, like the original certificate. In the application form, it will be necessary to tick the box "other circumstances for which it is impossible to use" in the section of the reasons for obtaining a new certificate. Such receipt of the document is considered legal.

Step 5

To obtain a duplicate birth certificate, you will need to provide a small package of documents. If a birth certificate needs to be obtained for a minor child, then you must provide an application from one of the parents, a receipt for payment of the state fee, a marriage registration certificate of the parents (if any), passports of both parents or guardians of the child. If you want to receive your birth certificate, then you must provide an application, a receipt and your passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. If it is necessary to obtain a birth certificate for a relative who has died, then in addition to all the above documents, it will be necessary to provide a death certificate to the registry office.

Step 6

If you work for a large company, and you have a knowledgeable and competent HR manager, contact him. The HR manager knows the entire civil code, knows all the rules that need to be followed. Ideally, the HR manager will independently compile and send a request for the restoration of your birth certificate. You will only need a statement.

Step 7

If there is no competent personnel officer nearby, you will have to do everything yourself. But this is not difficult either. If you were born and live permanently in the same city, it will not be difficult to restore the lost document. You need to contact the city registry office of your city as soon as possible, write an application and in a few days or weeks the lost document will be restored, and you will be given a new birth certificate.

Step 8

If you have changed your place of residence, and the birth certificate is lost, and you need to restore the lost document, you need to contact the registry office inspector in the city where you live. In the registry office, write an application for the restoration of the document and send you a duplicate of the birth certificate. An employee of the registry office will correctly and competently write a request to another city and send it to the registry office at the place of issue of the original birth certificate.

Step 9

In a few weeks, a duplicate of the birth certificate will definitely come by registered mail to the address of the registry office of your city. A notification and an invitation to receive a duplicate will be sent to your address. The restored document is issued personally in the hands of the city registry office of your city, while you will need to present your passport.

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