How To Transfer From One City To Another

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How To Transfer From One City To Another
How To Transfer From One City To Another

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For work or study, for family reasons - every year hundreds of thousands of people voluntarily or involuntarily change their place of residence, moving from one city to another. What to do and where to go in such a situation?

How to transfer from one city to another
How to transfer from one city to another


Step 1

First, determine the category of circumstances for which you should be transferred to another city (family, business).

Step 2

If you are moving for family reasons (illness of a relative, change in marital status, inheritance, etc.), collect all the necessary documents to confirm them. To do this, contact the institutions (hospital, registry office, notary office), which can give you all the necessary certificates and certificates (medical opinion, marriage certificate / divorce certificate, certificate of inheritance).

Step 3

When moving to a new place of residence, you must also prepare a certificate of ownership of real estate in the city where you plan to move as a result of the exchange of living space, inheritance, etc.

Step 4

Collect all the necessary documents at the place of work or study (copies of orders for dismissal / expulsion or transfer to another job / another place of study).

Step 5

All documents must be submitted first to the passport and visa service, at the place of work or study in your hometown, and then to the relevant authorities and institutions of the settlement where you plan to settle.

Step 6

If your transfer is a business matter, contact your place of work to review your transfer order (Form No. T-5). Please note that such an order must be signed by both the head of the enterprise and the chief accountant.

Step 7

Transfer to another city cannot be carried out without your consent. Therefore, after reading the order, you must accept a receipt in which you must indicate: "I agree to the transfer." The translation order is usually issued in several copies, one of which you receive.

Step 8

Check with the personnel and accounting department how long ago a copy of the order for your transfer was sent to another city. This is necessary so that upon arrival you will be immediately provided with living space and written out material compensation for expenses related to the move (in some organizations, such compensation means only the provision of transport for the transportation of the employee, his family members and acquired property). In addition, it is necessary to timely receive lump sum benefits in the amount of salary for you personally, as well as for members of your family moving with you.

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