How To Transfer From One Department To Another

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How To Transfer From One Department To Another
How To Transfer From One Department To Another

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Tired of your boss with his endless nagging and reproaches? And in the next department, the head is a competent specialist, a well-mannered and adequate person. Yes, and there is a vacant position there, although the duties are more complicated, more responsibility, but the salary is also higher. How would you transfer there?

How to transfer from one department to another
How to transfer from one department to another


Step 1

Talk to the head of the department in which there is a vacant position (with the same responsibilities as yours, or another), propose your candidacy for the vacant position. If he agrees to take you to his department, write a transfer application. Indicate in the application the name of the department to which you are going to transfer, the name of the vacant position in another department, the reasons for the transfer (for example, write that due to the vacant nature of the position, this argument will work). Notify your line manager, show him the statement. If he agrees to your transfer, sign the application first with him, and only then with your future boss. Check and agree on the date of your transfer with both bosses.

Step 2

Submit the application for signature to the director. The director can call the heads of departments to review your question. If your question about the transfer is resolved positively, then return the application signed by the director to the HR department. Further, a human resources officer will take care of your translation. In the process of registration, an order will be drawn up for your transfer to another department (if you are transferred to another department for another position) or an order for transfer (if your job duties do not change and the position in the new department is the same), an additional agreement will be prepared for employment contract, an entry was made in the work book about the transfer and an entry in your personal card.

Step 3

At the request of the HR officer, put your signature on the transfer (or relocation) order, sign an additional agreement to the employment contract (one copy will be given to you) and sign on your personal card that the information about the transfer is in your work record book and personal card recorded correctly. From the date specified in the transfer (or relocation) order, you start working in a new department. If you have a different position in the new department, you will be prepared and given a new job description. The application for your transfer to another department may not be signed. You can only complain to a friend or at home in the family, since by rejecting your request for a transfer, the employer in this case does not violate labor laws.

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