How To Get A Job As A Guide

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How To Get A Job As A Guide
How To Get A Job As A Guide

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The profession of a guide attracts many. The ability to travel through organization, discover new places, communicate with people, attracts more and more people to the tourism industry every year.

How to get a job as a guide
How to get a job as a guide


Step 1

If you want to be a tour guide working with foreign countries, you need to learn a foreign language. This should be the language of the country where you will be conducting excursions, as well as English. As groups are not always formed from Russian tourists. Sometimes tours are organized for foreigners who do not know either Russian or the language of the host country. In this case, guided tours are conducted in English.

Step 2

Also, English is worth learning for those who plan to work as a guide in Russia. More and more foreign tourists visit domestic sights - the Moscow Kremlin, the cities of the Golden Ring, Kizhi, etc. To work with them, people are required who speak English at a fairly good level.

Step 3

An interest in history is integral to being a successful guide. The more exciting the story about the sights, the more people who want to get into the group just to you. Word of mouth works great, people share their impressions of their trips on the forums. And they will definitely tell you whether the guide was able to interest them with his story or not.

Step 4

The most successful guides are extroverted by temperament. They should easily find a common language with people, be able to resolve conflicts and solve any problems that arise along the path of the group. To do this, you need to have a high communication ability, as well as have a confident look in order to calm tourists with their behavior in a difficult situation.

Step 5

If you have all these qualities, post your resume on one of the job search sites. Also, take a look at the existing vacancies. Perhaps there is a suitable one among them. Send your profile to the specified address and wait for a call from the HR department.

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