How To Guide A Colleague Into Retirement

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How To Guide A Colleague Into Retirement
How To Guide A Colleague Into Retirement

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Retirement is perceived differently by people. Someone thinks retirement is a well-deserved rest, but for someone it is a reason for depression. Therefore, it is so important to properly see a colleague on the last working day, trying to create the most favorable environment.

How to guide a colleague into retirement
How to guide a colleague into retirement


Step 1

The first step is to decide where to spend this holiday. A restaurant or cafe is the best place to send a colleague to retirement. Sometimes the departing employee himself takes over the main organization and invites all colleagues home or sets the table directly at work.

Step 2

In order for the send-off to go well, it is advisable to hire a special presenter who organizes the fun. However, if gatherings in the office or at home are supposed to be a close team, an outside presenter will look ridiculous and inappropriate.

Step 3

Do not turn your colleague's farewell into a series of contests and entertainment. It will be more pleasant for an older person to talk with younger colleagues, accept congratulations, listen to toasts in his honor, remember funny incidents at work. Nevertheless, a small entertainment program is still needed. Co-workers can prepare a congratulation in verse or in the form of a song for the hero of the holiday, such a congratulation will perfectly complement the gift. A bouquet is also a good addition to a gift, and it can be presented to both a man and a woman. Just a bouquet for a man should be a little stricter.

Step 4

By the way, it is advisable to discuss the gift or gifts with the outgoing colleague in advance. If there is a particular thing that he or she wants to receive, it is worth giving it. If the future pensioner flatly refuses to voice his wishes, it is better to give him some large gift, having thrown off the whole team. This option is always better than a bunch of unnecessary trinkets from each of the employees.

Step 5

Instead of a gift, you can simply give money in an envelope. But it is still better to accompany such a universal present with some kind of memorable thing that will remain with the person for a long time and will remind him of the good time spent in the circle of colleagues. A diploma, medal, or engraved watch is a good option.

Step 6

During the feast, each employee should thank the leaving colleague for the joint work and the help he could provide. You should not make such speeches from a piece of paper, sincere words always sound much better.

Step 7

It is very difficult to retire a boss. In this case, be sure to book a room in a restaurant or cafe. It is advisable to create a warm but solemn atmosphere so that everyone present feels as comfortable as possible.

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