How To Teach A Colleague A Lesson

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How To Teach A Colleague A Lesson
How To Teach A Colleague A Lesson

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Teamwork involves conflict situations. They can be overt or hidden, but either way they get in trouble. Many want to teach an unpleasant colleague a lesson, but not everyone has the strength to do this.

How to teach a colleague a lesson
How to teach a colleague a lesson


Step 1

Ignore it. The best way to deal with the abuser is to ignore all of their actions. Over time, the colleague will simply stop paying attention to you, because the reaction for such people is very important.

Step 2

Convert the situation to humor. The work collective must stick together, and declaring open war on a colleague is absolutely unprofitable. Therefore, learn to fend off all the jokes and turn them into jokes. Your abuser will get tired of laughing at his failed plan and leave you alone.

Step 3

Reflect attacks. Answer your colleague openly and complain about their behavior. Reflection can also include one hundred percent imitation of human actions. He tortured you with advice - come up and tell him complete nonsense, known even to a schoolboy. The main thing is with a smart face.

Step 4

If the previous remedies are not for you, and you want to really take revenge, then the following methods will help with this. For example, you can use a syringe to pump some petroleum jelly into a colleague's computer mouse. The drug will gradually evaporate and the mouse will begin to be covered with a layer of fat. You cannot cope with this without alcohol - so your colleague will have to complain about his hands and constantly rub the mouse with alcohol-containing products.

Step 5

Make a print screen of the desktop of a colleague you don't like. When he is away, put your picture on his splash screen and turn off the display of icons. An unsuspecting colleague will start his work and try to open one of the shortcuts, not realizing that he is clicking on a blank screen. Panic is guaranteed.

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