How To Write A Negative Testimonial

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How To Write A Negative Testimonial
How To Write A Negative Testimonial

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Usually, a characteristic, which is an official document and is given to an employee of an enterprise, should objectively reflect his character and business qualities. It is not originally written to show how good or bad a given employee is. It sets out the facts, on the basis of which the person reading it independently draws conclusions about what kind of person an employee of your company is.

How to write a negative testimonial
How to write a negative testimonial


Step 1

A negative characteristic can be obtained in the process of writing a regular production. Its composition is traditional: personal data of a person, a list of jobs and enterprises in which his labor activity took place, business and personal qualities of an employee.

Step 2

Request all the necessary information to write a characteristic in the HR department. They will mainly be needed for writing the questionnaire part. Write a description on the letterhead of your company, where its full name, details and contact numbers are indicated.

Step 3

After the word characteristic, indicate the last name, first name and patronymic of your employee, year and place of birth. List the educational institutions that he graduated from and the specialties received in them. Give a list of those enterprises where this employee worked before joining your organization. Indicate only those of them where he worked for a long time, list the positions he holds.

Step 4

In the main part of the characteristic, reflect the data from what time the employee has been working in your organization, the position he occupies and the duties that he must perform according to his employment contract.

Step 5

After that, give an assessment of how seriously and responsibly the employee took the performance of his official duties and the assignments he received from his immediate supervisor. Reflect the cases of delays and absenteeism, list those penalties that were imposed on him for violations of labor discipline. Do not forget that the reprimand, which was issued by the order, is automatically removed after a year. But, if your task is to negatively characterize the employee, then in the description you can indicate that such penalties have taken place in the past.

Step 6

Finally, write about his personal qualities and the relationships that have developed with his colleagues. If there have been quarrels and other incidents, then do not describe them in detail, just mention that it happened.

Step 7

Sign the characteristic with the immediate supervisor of this employee and the head of the personnel department, legal service. Sign it with the head of the enterprise and certify his signature with the seal of the enterprise.

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