How To Keep A Safety Journal

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How To Keep A Safety Journal
How To Keep A Safety Journal

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In every enterprise, and especially in firms with hazardous or harmful working conditions, employees must familiarize themselves with the safety instructions. An employee appointed to be responsible for labor protection is obliged to record the issuance of instructions in a special journal. There is no unified form for such a document, but the company develops the forms independently.

How to keep a safety journal
How to keep a safety journal

It is necessary

  • - form of the journal for issuing safety instructions;
  • - company documents;
  • - Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - safety instructions.


Step 1

When organizing labor protection, the management of the enterprise should pay special attention to the safety instructions. Specially trained people are involved in the development of these documents. In large companies, this is usually the responsibility of the labor protection department. In small firms, heads of services (structural divisions), as well as a responsible person appointed by order of the director, are involved in drawing up instructions.

Step 2

Labor protection, safety measures are regulated by a special collective agreement, other local regulations of the enterprise. The regulations prescribe the specifics of the organization of such a service, a list of documents that are approved by order of the management is attached.

Step 3

Maintain a safety instructions log. On the title page, write the title of the document in capital letters. Enter the name of the organization. Enter the name of the service (if the enterprise is large enough, you need to keep such a journal for each structural unit separately). Write the date when the document was started.

Step 4

The journal is kept by the responsible person appointed by the order of the head. When a specialist is dismissed, it is recommended to draw up an act of acceptance and transfer of the journal, as well as safety instructions that are annex to it.

Step 5

In the first column of the document, put the serial number, in the second - indicate the date of issuance of the instruction to the employee. In the third column of the journal, write the number (designation) of the instruction, in the fourth - its name. Enter the number of copies issued (sometimes instructions are obtained by direct superiors for several employees). Indicate the personal data, the position of the person who received the instruction in the sixth column, in the seventh - ask the recipient of the document to sign. Store the journal after full completion for up to 45 years in the archive of the company.

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