How To Keep A Health And Safety Journal

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How To Keep A Health And Safety Journal
How To Keep A Health And Safety Journal

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The register of instruction on labor protection at the workplace is a very important and serious document, which is evidence that the employer is fulfilling the obligation imposed on him by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation to provide workers with safe working conditions. It is necessary to keep a labor protection log in order to ensure the record of the conducted briefings, which allow to familiarize the employees of the enterprise with safety precautions and to prevent cases of industrial injuries.

How to keep a health and safety journal
How to keep a health and safety journal


Step 1

Every employee of the enterprise engaged in production must periodically undergo safety training. This instruction is primary, when hiring, repeated, targeted and unscheduled. The fact of any of these briefings must be recorded in a special register of briefings at the workplace. Check out the recommended form of this magazine in GOST 12.0.004-90 “Organization of occupational safety training. General Provisions ".

Step 2

The proposed form is of a recommendatory nature, but, in any case, it is advisable to fill out the journal in tabular form. In the samples of the journal forms, offered in Appendices 4 and 6 of GOST 12.0.004-90, there is no column in which the number of the instruction would be recorded, in accordance with which the briefing was carried out. For this, use column 5, which reflects the type of briefing. You also have the right to independently enter an additional column and indicate the instruction number and its name in it.

Step 3

Leave the fields of the date of the briefing, surnames, first names, patronymics and positions of the instructor and instructor, the type of instruction and the number of the instruction as mandatory fields. Provide the boxes where the signature of the instructor and the instructed, as well as the official who is authorized to give permission to work after the briefing, will be displayed.

Step 4

Buy a magazine like this from a print shop. They are sold at office supply stores. If it was not possible to do this, then arrange it in a regular notebook in a cage. Number each page of the magazine and lace it up. Sign the numbering with the signature of the officer in charge of the journal and with the seal of your organization. Keep the log with the plant manager.

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