How To Arrange A Part-time Transfer

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How To Arrange A Part-time Transfer
How To Arrange A Part-time Transfer

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It is possible to transfer an employee to part-time on the basis of a mutual agreement of the two parties and through a reduction of 0.5 rates. In the first case, the initiator is the employee, and in the second - the employer, with the upcoming significant changes in working conditions at the enterprise. It is necessary to arrange a part-time transfer in compliance with labor laws.

How to arrange a part-time transfer
How to arrange a part-time transfer

It is necessary

  • - addition to the employment contract;
  • - application;
  • - order;
  • - notification;
  • - staffing table.


Step 1

An employee who copes with basic duties in a period of time less than the main working time, or he needs time freed from work, can go to work part-time. To do this, he writes a statement addressed to the head of the enterprise with a request to transfer him to part-time.

Step 2

After receiving a positive resolution from the manager, the terms of the employment contract are changed by a written agreement between the employee and the employer. The supplementary agreement to the employment contract prescribes the part-time mode established for the employee - half-time (0.5 rate), the salary (or wage rate) and the duration of the working week in hours (for example, 20-hour) are indicated. The supplementary agreement is concluded in two copies, one of which is given to the employee.

Step 3

On the basis of an additional agreement to the employment contract, the management issues an order to amend the staffing table. In the column “The number of staff units is written down 0, 5, in the column“Tariff rate (salary)”is entered the tariff rate (or salary), proportional to the hours worked, i.e. half of the salary or wage rate.

Step 4

It is possible to arrange a part-time transfer at the decision of the employer if there have been changes in any working conditions and a reduction in costs is required while maintaining the staff. At the same time, the management notifies employees in advance (against signature) about the upcoming changes and then issues an order to amend the staffing table. The employer, within three days from the date of publication of the order, must notify the employment service. Additional agreements to the employment contract are concluded with employees who agree to the part-time transfer. Employees who refuse to accept the new conditions are terminated their employment contract.

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