How To Arrange The Transfer Of Vacation

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How To Arrange The Transfer Of Vacation
How To Arrange The Transfer Of Vacation

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In accordance with the situations prescribed in article 124 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the employer has the right to postpone the employee's next vacation on his own initiative, upon agreement with him, on the employee's initiative. To do this, the specialist should write a statement with a request to postpone the vacation for another period or express his consent in it to postpone the annual vacation. Based on the employee's statement, the manager should issue an order, and the personnel service should make appropriate changes to the vacation schedule and the employee's personal card.

How to arrange the transfer of vacation
How to arrange the transfer of vacation

It is necessary

  • - employee documents;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - vacation schedule;
  • - production calendar;
  • - the employee's statement about the transfer or consent to the transfer of vacation;
  • - order form for the transfer of leave;
  • - Labor Code of the Russian Federation.


Step 1

In order for the employer to be able to transfer the vacation or part of it to another period, the employee must write a statement. Its content may reflect the employee's consent to the transfer of vacation or a request to do so. It depends on who is the initiator: the employee or the employer.

Step 2

The statement serves as the basis for the issuance of an order by the head of the company. The subject of the document must correspond to the transfer of the employee's vacation. The reason for its compilation may be the employee's illness during vacation, production necessity, the employee's desire.

Step 3

In the administrative part, the director of the enterprise should indicate the period for which the vacation was granted and the period to which it is transferred. It is not allowed to transfer the entire vacation, but part of it, for example, if the employee presented a certificate of incapacity for work, indicating that he fell ill during the time off. The legislation does not prohibit the full transfer of leave to another time within the calendar year for which it is granted in cases where the absence of an employee during this period may lead to the fact that the company will suffer losses, as well as at the request of the employee. It is possible to divide the vacation into parts so that one of them is at least fourteen calendar days.

Step 4

The director of the company should make the HR employee responsible for making changes to the approved vacation schedule. The leader must certify the order with his signature, the seal of the organization. Familiarize with the document of the personnel officer and the employee who is transferring the vacation.

Step 5

The personnel officer, on the basis of the order, makes changes to column 9 of the approved vacation schedule. In accordance with it, the employee must be granted leave. It is prohibited by law to postpone it for another time beyond the calendar year for which it is provided. It is allowed to compensate it in cash, if it does not contradict the law.

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