What Documents Are Needed For The Sale Of Clothing

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What Documents Are Needed For The Sale Of Clothing
What Documents Are Needed For The Sale Of Clothing

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If you have exceptional taste or just got the opportunity to sell clothes in Russia, be aware that for this type of business you will need a certain list of permits.

What documents are needed for the sale of clothing
What documents are needed for the sale of clothing


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Officially, no special types of documents, such as licenses for the sale of this type of product, are required, except for the sale of children's things, for which the seller must obtain a certificate of quality of the product. The certificate of conformity is also required for trade in any personal protective equipment, furs, work clothes. Other types of clothing require ordinary declarations of conformity. They can be obtained from official suppliers of goods. If you are a manufacturer or importer, then you should apply to special centers for the necessary types of certificates, while providing for imported products a copy of the contract, a manufacturer's quality certificate and your own constituent documents, for products of your own production - all regulatory documents in accordance with which sewing is carried out, it can be GOST and TU.

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Depending on the location of the trading activity, the business owner will need to register his entrepreneurial activity with the choice of a convenient taxation system and obtaining statistics codes.

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If the trade takes place in a store or in a shopping center, you should conclude a formal lease for the area used or always have a certificate of ownership of the used object on hand.

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In the local territorial office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it is necessary to obtain a fire opinion, for this you must provide a certificate of registration of a legal entity, the actual lease agreement and a document confirming the previously carried out installation of the fire alarm system. It may seem strange, but all sellers of such shops or boutiques must have medical books, which can be issued in municipal or private licensed institutions that carry out such a medical commission.

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Any store is obliged to have an agreement for garbage disposal and the conclusion of the Federal Service for Supervision of Supervision for goods that have direct contact with the human body, which are issued if there are properly executed documents of the legal entity itself, medical books of officially working sellers and certificates of conformity of the products themselves. If desired, the owner can place an outdoor advertisement for the product or the store itself; for this, you should contact the city administration directly to the so-called architecture department to obtain a special permit for a sign or other structures.

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