For A Beginner Copywriter: Where To Get Ideas For Articles

For A Beginner Copywriter: Where To Get Ideas For Articles
For A Beginner Copywriter: Where To Get Ideas For Articles

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Copywriting is very often mentioned on remote work sites. Many people try themselves in this area, but they quickly quit. And someone is even afraid to start. One of the reasons why people are afraid to try themselves in this area is the doubt that they can make good money on it, because there are so few ideas for articles in their heads. But this is not a problem at all.


1. Your own experience

If you are looking for a part-time job, then most likely you are already an adult with some experience in different areas of life. And even if you are a high school student, you can teach other people something. So transfer all your knowledge to paper, or rather to a text document. For example, the same pupils or students can write articles based on the school curriculum or lectures at the university. Often, teachers still provide the necessary and useful information.

If you are already working, then you can write about the nuances of your work activity. The seller can give advice on how best to choose a particular product. The chef can tell you how and what to cook for dinner. And even the housekeeper can describe the best way to wash the parquet and what not to use.

Regardless of the field of activity, you can give advice on what is best to do in any situation. Have you bought or sold an apartment? Rented a house? Have you learned to save on food? Write about it!

2. Newspapers, magazines, books, television

It's no secret that very few articles are written based on really new ideas. For example, all tips on saving are as old as the world and have been used for generations. But, nevertheless, new interesting articles continue to appear based on old facts.

Therefore, when reading a magazine or watching news about the situation in the economy, you can always find in them a couple of ideas that will form the basis of your article. And programs about countries and cities are transformed into dozens of articles.

3. Look around

Often, article ideas are literally in the air. Have you seen an advertisement for apartments for rent? Write an article on how you can organize such a business or who needs such a service.

A friend got a license and constantly repeats that she is afraid to get behind the wheel, but you have 10 years of driving experience? Provide tips for newbies on how to overcome the fear of the first trip. There are a great many topics for future articles, you just need to listen carefully and look around.

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