School Of Copywriting: How A Beginner To Get Promoted On The Copywriting Exchange - Universal Recipe

School Of Copywriting: How A Beginner To Get Promoted On The Copywriting Exchange - Universal Recipe
School Of Copywriting: How A Beginner To Get Promoted On The Copywriting Exchange - Universal Recipe

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Newbies are wary anywhere. Copywriting exchanges are no exception. Even if you are a copywriting guru and somewhere you have already been "lit up", then on a new exchange you will have to prove your professional suitability again. However, usually, if you have experience and skills, this is not difficult to do. But what to do for those who have just embarked on the thorny path of a copywriter?

Tips for aspiring copywriters
Tips for aspiring copywriters

The first thing to take care of on a new exchange is reputation. Read the user agreement carefully, find out the rating system. You must firmly know the rules of the exchange and in no case violate them. Create virtual wallets to which you will withdraw money, or enter your credit card or current account numbers.

The second step is the initial stage. Fill in the information about yourself. Come up with a nickname. It must be readable, unique. You do not need to be called sergey777, this will show that you are one of many. Do not use any combination of letters. This is also considered bad form. One of the nickname options is part of your first name or last name, or a combination of both. Your nickname should become a brand in the future. It is better to fill the additional niche about yourself to the maximum - customers prefer to work with real people. Find the right avatar or photo. This will also be a part of your brand.

If possible, then complete the test tasks. Many exchanges have them. For this, a rating is awarded, which at the initial stage you need, like air. And on some exchanges, for example, on, in general, without passing the "entrance exam" is not taken.

The third step to success is portfolio. A well-designed portfolio can significantly raise you in the eyes of the customer. This means a greater level of trust in you. Therefore, it is simply necessary to compile a portfolio for successful work on the stock exchange.

Different exchanges have different approaches to compiling portfolios. Some have a special section where you can drop your unique articles or links to those already published. For example, Textsale has a Portfolio section and a Free Publishing section. On some, your portfolio can be displayed as a topic on a forum, for example, on Advego. And, for example, on in the questionnaire there is a section "About me", where you can amusingly present information about yourself and show examples of work. In general, there are as many options as there are exchanges. Find out how you can present your portfolio, and be sure to compile it!

By orders. Needless to say that all orders are to be completed on time, in strict accordance with the customer's requirements, with maximum uniqueness? All this goes without saying. Your goal, as a beginner, is not only to promote yourself, but also to find regular customers. Don't be afraid to reach out to the customers to whom you did the work and who paid for it. You can ask if he needs your services. You can even offer him a discount. If a customer needs a lot of similar texts, and you did everything well, he usually takes you as a regular performer.

At first, you will not get the most “delicious” orders. But you don't need to wait for them either! Regularly drop 3-4 articles to the store on the most popular topics, or on the topic in which you understand. A little trick - in order for your nickname to "flash" more often in the store, fill in articles not immediately, but with an interval of 1-2 hours. You will become familiar and your level of trust will be higher.

Strive to communicate in forums with customers. It happens that customers are looking for newcomers to entrust them with work at a lower cost than professional performers. Do not shy away from such work, especially at first. This will help you gain credibility and weight on the exchange. Ask customers for positive feedback.For reviews, you can provide them with discounts or bonuses, for example, free photos or a 5th text as a gift.

Communicate with the customer on an equal footing. Remember - you are not a slave or an employee. You help your customer to make money, and he shares the profit with you. You are in an equal relationship, not a subordinate. In personal communication, it is necessary not only to discuss purely business issues, but also to communicate in a purely human way. For example, sharing the results of a football match or opinions on a recent premiere. Then the customer will perceive you as a real person, and not an employee with a keyboard. This means that you can count on good orders and interesting work.

Improvements. Sometimes it happens that a customer asks you to revise a completed order. Fear not, this is normal. If the customer's requirements are adequate and you are missing something through your fault, correct it. But if you think that the customer requires too much, that is, something that was not discussed in the creative assignment, feel free to contact arbitration. Arbitration in 90% of cases acts on the side of the copywriter.

So, by moving with perseverance, not giving up and not upset about failures or improvements, you will make your career on the exchange.

The key question is: how much can you earn on the copywriting exchange? Many, very many. But at first, the amounts will not be very impressive. If you work regularly, taking 3-4 orders a day, it is possible to earn about 8-10 thousand rubles in the first month. Further more. Good luck!

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