Copywriting School: Review Of Copywriting Exchanges

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Copywriting School: Review Of Copywriting Exchanges
Copywriting School: Review Of Copywriting Exchanges
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Copywriting exchanges are where copywriters make money. New projects appear every month, some of them are of interest, but most cannot withstand the competition with the giants. However, there are newcomers to the market for buying and selling content who rely on quality and therefore close free registration. Copywriters are specially invited to such exchanges. Today we will talk about those large and trustworthy exchanges where a beginner can make a career for himself.

Review of copywriting exchanges
Review of copywriting exchanges


Step 1 This exchange has become a launching pad for many professionals. The fact is that it is one of the largest, so there are always a lot of customers and performers on it. The amount of work that is done on the exchange is also large, there are many tasks and they are different. They differ in complexity and price. For beginners, the average price is 1-1.5 dollars per 1000 characters, for pros it can grow up to 10. The work can be done in a variety of ways: this is "classic" copywriting, and posting on forums and social networks, translations and even proofreading. There is an exchange for the sale of articles. Some users do not even take on tasks, but only post articles for sale. The copywriter sets the price himself, focusing on the average. It is 1.5-2 dollars per 1000 characters, depending on the category.

The main criterion for the quality of the author: Efficiency - the ratio of work performed to outstanding work. The higher it is, the better.

The advantages of the exchange include a friendly attitude towards newcomers, some customers specifically create cheap and simple orders just for them. It is convenient to take assignments, you do not need to wait for the customer's approval. User-friendly interface: always prompts which tasks have been taken, what has been done, what has not been done, how many and which articles have been sold.

The withdrawal threshold is $ 5, you can withdraw to the Webmoney wallet. The system commission is 10%.

Step 2

Textsale. This exchange, unlike Advego, specializes mainly in the sale of articles. The work is carried out according to the following principle: a copywriter writes an article, adds it through a special form to the store, then waits for moderation (literacy and uniqueness checks), and then sales. Money can be withdrawn to Webmoney. The withdrawal threshold is $ 10.

For beginners, such a system may not seem very convenient. Indeed, there is no guarantee that your work will be bought quickly enough. In order to succeed, you need to write regularly and, preferably, in the mainstream category. Fortunately, on the exchange you can see a list of the most popular categories.

The author sets the price for the article himself. Initially, it makes sense to put 1-2 dollars per thousand characters. When you become a pro, you can ask for 10, 20 and even 50 - regular customers will buy.

The success of the author is determined by his "stardom". Stars are awarded for sales and positive reviews. The more, the better. However, initial stars can also be purchased for money.

Nice bonus: for $ 10 you can get access to the order exchange. It is there that the most "tasty" prices are located, but the requirements for performers are special there.

Step 3 A young but actively developing exchange. The number of tasks is not as large as on Advego, but for beginners - the very thing. The main advantage of the exchange is its visual rating, which increases depending on the number of completed tasks and articles posted in the content store. The easiest way to work on is to work with regular customers for a moderate fee. This will give both a stable income and an increase in the rating. A high rating will give you access to more tasks. In addition, an increase in rating leads to a decrease in commission! This means that the higher the rating, the more you earn!

Calculations are carried out in rubles, money is withdrawn to the Webmoney wallet, the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 rubles.

Step 4

Turbotext. This exchange relies on high quality content.High quality - high prices. But getting on the stock exchange is far from easy. In order for a copywriter to gain access, he needs to pass a test task. Subsequently, these works will be available in his portfolio. According to the creators of the exchange, less than 10% of applicants are selected. On the other hand, optimal conditions have been created for those who have broken through. The price for a beginner for 1000 characters with problems is 30 rubles, and users with a high rating receive 50-60 rubles for 1000 characters. Money is withdrawn to the Webmoney wallet on Mondays, the minimum withdrawal amount is 50 rubles.

If you have not made your way to the stock exchange, do not despair. The so-called microtasks are available to the turbotext. These are small tasks for posting on social networks, on forums, on Twitter, subscribing to newsletters, and so on. If you don't have any experience with copywriting, you can start with this as well. Anyone can do them.

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