How To Arrange A Vacation For The CEO

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How To Arrange A Vacation For The CEO
How To Arrange A Vacation For The CEO

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All employees of the organization are entitled to annual paid leave, the CEO is no exception. Many people have a question, how to draw up documents? After all, all vacation orders are signed by them. In practice, there are two ways to arrange a vacation for a manager.

How to arrange a vacation for the CEO
How to arrange a vacation for the CEO


Step 1

The charter of some organizations stipulates that the issue of going on vacation in relation to the general director is decided by the meeting of the company. In this case, the leader must write a request for leave to the chairman of the meeting. The content of this document is approximately the following: "I ask you to consider at the general meeting of participants on the provision of annual leave for (number of days) from (indicate the period)."

Step 2

The meeting participants should also decide who will replace the director during vacation. The decision must be drawn up in the form of a protocol, which is signed by all participants in the meeting.

Step 3

If this method is not specified in the charter, then a statement from the CEO is not required. But he must sign the vacation notice. This document can be drawn up by the chief of staff or another responsible person.

Step 4

After that, an order is drawn up to grant leave (form No. T-6). If the decision is made by the meeting, then this document must be signed by the chairman of the meeting. If the second method was used, the order is signed by the head. In both cases, he must also sign the agreement.

Step 5

Before the general director goes on vacation, it is necessary to select and approve his replacement by order. If he has a deputy, then there are no special problems here. In the first case, a responsible person is selected, appointed, and wages are raised. All this must be written in the order. A sample order is as follows: “I order to impose the duties of the General Director (full name) for a period of (indicate the period). To establish for this period an additional payment (position and full name of the deputy) for the temporary performance of the duties of the head of the organization in the amount of (amount in figures)."

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