How To Write An Explanatory

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How To Write An Explanatory
How To Write An Explanatory

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You may need to write an explanatory note in the event that there was a violation of labor discipline or an emergency at work that you witnessed. If we are talking about violation of labor discipline, then the explanatory note is your chance to justify yourself and present those objective reasons that prevented you from fulfilling your labor duties.

How to write an explanatory
How to write an explanatory


Step 1

According to labor law, the employer is not obliged to acquaint you with the content of the memorandum or act in which the violation you committed is recorded. You also have the right to refuse to write an explanation, about which an appropriate act will be drawn up. But remember that an explanatory memorandum can help you and reduce the degree of penalties, or even remove the blame from you altogether, so it is in your best interest to write it.

Step 2

If the violation was serious enough and the sanctions that follow it may affect your future career, then it is best to consult with a lawyer. He will help you minimize the degree of punishment and give you reasons that the employer may find convincing enough.

Step 3

The text of the explanatory note is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 6.30-2003. Its content is not regulated by any documents and can be drawn up in any form.

Step 4

In the introductory part, provide a description of what happened, indicating the date, time and circumstances of the violation. Do not forget to mention your last name, first name, patronymic, position held and the department in which you work.

Step 5

Explain your behavior and indicate the reasons that led you to commit this offense. If he is serious, then include in the text of the note the following phrase: "In the given circumstances, I was forced to act in accordance with the situation."

Step 6

Clearly and consistently. Choose the right words: “late” and “late” have the same essence, but are perceived differently.

Step 7

If there were other participants in the incident besides you, then mention it. But do not shift all the blame on them, do not absolve yourself of responsibility, remain objective and restrained in your presentation.

Step 8

Finally, write your last name, initials, sign and date.

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