How To Draw Up A Safety Instruction

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How To Draw Up A Safety Instruction
How To Draw Up A Safety Instruction

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Labor protection instruction means a regulatory act that establishes safety requirements at the time of performance of work in any production premises, as well as on the territory of the enterprise and on construction sites where work is performed or various official duties are performed.

How to draw up a safety instruction
How to draw up a safety instruction


Step 1

The procedure for the development of any instruction on labor protection is established by certain Methodological Recommendations approved by the Ministry of Labor. In accordance with them, this instruction on labor protection is developed for an employee based on his position, type of work or profession, on the basis of an intersectoral or sectoral standard instruction of safety requirements set forth in the repair and operational documentation of equipment manufacturers, in the technological documentation of the company with taking into account individual production conditions.

Step 2

As a basis for drawing up the instructions, take the typical corresponding instruction on labor protection. All typical instructions can be divided into cross-industry and industry-specific. At the same time, cross-sectoral standard instructions are developed and also approved by the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, sectoral ones - only by federal executive bodies, but in agreement with the Ministry of Labor of Russia. For example, there may be a cross-sectoral model instruction when working with a hand tool.

Step 3

Write down the rules and procedures for familiarizing all employees with the safe methods of their work in the safety instructions.

Step 4

Organize the development of job descriptions according to the staffing table approved by the employer.

Step 5

Include general OSH requirements (including employee job descriptions) in the employee manual.

Step 6

Write down in this manual the labor protection requirements that must be observed before starting work, during work, in emergency situations, as well as at the end of work. Include additional sections as needed.

Step 7

At the same time, for various new industries and technologies being put into operation, it is allowed to develop temporary instructions intended for workers. In turn, temporary instructions should ensure both the safe conduct of technological processes and the safe operation of equipment.

Step 8

After drawing up the instructions, approve it with the head of the organization and familiarize all employees with it under their signature.

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