Where Can I See My Fines

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Where Can I See My Fines
Where Can I See My Fines

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The need to clarify information about the presence of unpaid fines arises for several reasons. The owner of the vehicle may not be aware of the drawing up of a protocol of an administrative offense if he entrusted the control of his car to another person. In addition, quite often people simply forget about the receipts they wrote out, which can be stored for months in the glove compartment or desk drawer.

Fines for traffic violations
Fines for traffic violations

Online check of fines

You can check for unpaid fines without leaving your home. Internet access is required to make a request. On the official website of the traffic police, you can not only check the current debt for fines, but also create a personal account, which will reflect the most relevant information.

Services for checking fines allow all users to pay bills, find out possible punishments for a particular administrative offense, and track information on their car. Having created a personal account in the system, you can set up special notifications that will notify you about the presence of new fines.

A similar procedure can be carried out on the FMS website. This service reflects information not only about fines for violation of traffic rules, but also information about any type of debt. In this system, you can also create a personal account and receive relevant notifications to your email address.

When using online services for checking fines, please note that this should only be done on official sites. Otherwise, you may become a victim of scammers, and your payment will go to the criminals' account.

This method of checking fines has one significant drawback. The fact is that the system is at the initial stage of its development, therefore, information on some regions is not yet available in it. The specialists are working on expanding the database, so if you were unable to make a request, be sure to try again after a while.

Departments of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and the Federal Migration Service

If you do not trust online services for checking fines or your region is not served by this service, then the most optimal way to clarify information about the debt will be to contact the traffic police. When visiting employees, you need to have your passport, driver's license and car documents with you.

If you are interested in more detailed information, you can contact the FMS offices for help. At your request, the bailiffs will provide you with information about paid, unpaid and fines that can significantly affect your travel abroad.

Even if you are absolutely sure that you have no fines and debts, try to periodically check this information. Car owners should be especially vigilant, who often lend their vehicles for temporary use to friends, relatives or colleagues.

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