How To Renew Your Migration Card

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How To Renew Your Migration Card
How To Renew Your Migration Card

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The validity of the migration card can be extended if a contract (labor or civil) has been concluded with a foreign citizen for the performance of any work or the provision of services. In such circumstances, the validity of the migration card can be extended for the duration of the agreement, but not for more than a year from the moment the foreign citizen entered the territory of the Russian Federation.

How to renew your migration card
How to renew your migration card


Step 1

To make a decision on extending the validity of a migration card, you must contact the local authority of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, where a decision is made to extend or refuse to extend the period of temporary stay in the country.

Step 2

The extension of the validity period of the migration card is carried out by the receiving party, that is, the organization with which the foreign citizen has an employment contract.

Step 3

To apply to the FMS, it is necessary to prepare a standard package of documents, including an application from the foreign citizen himself about the need to extend the migration card, a copy of the agreement on the basis of which the application for extension is sent, the foreign citizen's passport, his migration card and work permit, receipt of payment required state fees.

Step 4

The organization that hires a foreign citizen prepares an application for the extension of the migration card, the host party's form and confirmation of contractual obligations (notification of the conclusion of an agreement with this citizen).

Step 5

As soon as the package of documents is prepared, you can send it for consideration to the territorial office of the FMS. The department inspector will check the correctness of filling and the authenticity of the documents, make sure that this foreign citizen does not have any problems on the territory of the country. If all the necessary conditions are met, a mark on the extension will be put on the migration card.

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