How To Renew Your Medical Policy

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How To Renew Your Medical Policy
How To Renew Your Medical Policy

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All free medical care to the population is paid from the budget, which finances compulsory health insurance funds. Money is paid for any medical services. To receive these services without paying out of your own pocket, you need to have a medical insurance policy. If the insurance period has expired and the policy is not renewed, money for medical care will not go to the account of the institution that provided assistance, but they finance the salaries of medical personnel, the purchase of equipment and the utilities of the medical institution. Nobody wants to work for free.

How to renew your medical policy
How to renew your medical policy

It is necessary

  • -passport
  • -statement
  • -policy
  • - birth certificate for children
  • - work book for the unemployed
  • -retirement certificate for pensioners
  • -student ticket


Step 1

Help will definitely be received by children, pregnant women and people who called an ambulance, and their health condition requires emergency assistance. To prevent this from happening, the policy must be renewed in time.

Step 2

The entire working population receives and renews the compulsory medical insurance policy at the place of work. Contact a human resources specialist. Write a policy renewal application and bring your expired insurance policy and passport. After a while, your policy will be returned to you with an extended insurance period.

Step 3

All pensioners, unemployed citizens, schoolchildren, children, students renew the medical insurance policy at the administration of the place of residence. Write an application for renewal of the policy, present your passport or birth certificate, work book or pension certificate, policy with expired insurance. After a while, you will be issued an extended insurance policy.

Step 4

Students can renew insurance under the policy, both at the place of study and at the place of residence. Contact the educational institution in the dean's office to the person in charge. Show your expired policy and student ID. When extending at the place of residence - to the administration of your district with an application and a student card.

Step 5

Unemployed people who are registered for unemployment at the labor exchange can renew the policy by applying with an application at the place of registration at the exchange.

Step 6

All citizens, without exception, can apply directly to the insurance company and renew their medical policy. Show your passport, policy, documents proving your social status.

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