How To Inherit A Car

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How To Inherit A Car
How To Inherit A Car

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Having received an inheritance, do not postpone its registration. You must step into the rights to freely use property - for example, a car. Collect the documents for the car and contact a notary to open an inheritance case.

How to inherit a car
How to inherit a car

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - death certificate;
  • - a document certifying family relations with the deceased;
  • - will;
  • - documents for the car.


Step 1

An inheritance case is opened in a notary office at the place of residence of the testator. If you are a legal heir, go there with your passport, death certificate, car documents and papers confirming your relationship with the deceased. You can come to the notary together with other heirs or on your own.

Step 2

When inheriting by will, also contact a notary. He will make sure that you are actually listed on the document. If the deceased has drawn up a closed will, the notary must independently notify you of the place and date of its opening. This will be done in the presence of all those mentioned in the will.

Step 3

Don't delay your visit to the notary's office. You must apply for inheritance within six months of the death of the testator. After that, the notary will issue you a corresponding certificate. You must pay a state fee, which is calculated based on the value of the car.

Step 4

Until you receive a certificate, you cannot dispose of the car. Until that moment, it cannot be sold, donated or reissued in your name for personal use. If you had a power of attorney issued by the owner to drive a vehicle, please note that it expires upon his death.

Step 5

Having received the inheritance certificate, register the car with the traffic police. From now on, you can consider yourself its rightful owner. However, you can sell the car no earlier than six months after the opening of the inheritance. During this period, be prepared for other possible contenders for the car. If they receive the appropriate certificates from a notary, your case can be reviewed in court.

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