How To Get A Passport Upon Loss

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How To Get A Passport Upon Loss
How To Get A Passport Upon Loss

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The most important document of every Russian is a Russian passport. Unfortunately, quite often this little book gets lost at the most inopportune moment. It is not difficult to restore your passport, but it will take a lot of time. To do this, you will have to collect a rather large package of documents. But it's better about everything in more detail.

How to get a passport upon loss
How to get a passport upon loss


Step 1

As soon as you discover the loss of a Russian civil passport, immediately start recovering it. This way you can avoid many problems in the future. First of all, write an application for a replacement passport. Such papers should be filled out by you. After that, the application is certified by a civil servant who is authorized to carry out this procedure.

Step 2

Now you pay the state fee, receive the corresponding receipt. An obligatory document for restoring a lost passport is also a coupon notification of the registration of your application. You get this paper from the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation.

Step 3

At the next stage, you write a statement about the loss of your civil passport. This includes all information about how it happened (date, circumstances, etc.).

Step 4

Please note that a large number of other different marks may be affixed to the passport. In order for you to be able to restore them, present the birth certificate of the children (if they have not reached the age of 14), military ID, registration at the place of residence, certificate of registration or divorce.

Step 5

Among other things, to restore a lost passport, prepare 4 photographs taken in full face. Image dimensions - 35 x 45 mm. If you constantly wear glasses, take pictures with them.

Step 6

The state fee is 500 rubles. As for the timing, there are two situations:

If the previous document was issued in the subdivision at the place of residence, it will take up to 10 days to restore it. The countdown starts from the date of acceptance of all collected documents.

If you are going to restore your lost passport in any other department, it will take longer - up to 2 months.

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