How To Get A Passport For A Military Man

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How To Get A Passport For A Military Man
How To Get A Passport For A Military Man

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A vacation abroad is an unattainable dream for military personnel, many believe. But this is not the case. Any officer, if desired, can get a passport and go on vacation abroad. Only the execution of documents permitting travel outside the country, in contrast to civilians, is a little different for them.

How to get a passport for a military man
How to get a passport for a military man

It is necessary

  • To issue a passport for a military man, you will need:
  • - identity documents;
  • - documents required to obtain permission from the FSB;
  • - documents required to obtain permission from the command;
  • - documents required for registration of a passport.


Step 1

Servicemen, in accordance with Article 19 of the Federal Law "On the Procedure for Leaving the Russian Federation", may leave their homeland, but only if they have the appropriate permission from their superiors to do so. The rules for issuing such a permit are established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Step 2

But before going to their immediate superiors for permission, servicemen must obtain permission from the FSB. To do this, they send a request to the law enforcement agency containing the following documents: a certificate of a person traveling abroad in 2 copies, information on the composition of the family, a conclusion on awareness of information constituting a state secret and a registration card in 2 copies. If the FSB does not prohibit travel abroad, they must send the appropriate paper. With her, the officer needs to go to the command for permission.

Step 3

Therefore, to the application for the issuance of a foreign passport and the documents necessary for this, military personnel are also required to attach a certificate of the established form, filled in according to a specific model and certified by the command of the unit where the officer is listed. Since it is this document that is the written permission of the head of the unit for the departure of a soldier abroad. Its validity period is no more than 2 months. But the presence of such a certificate gives the officers their privileges - their application should not be considered for more than a month.

Step 4

And, of course, you need to take into account the specifics, as well as the fact that only one single company won the tender for providing military overseas recreation. And only she is engaged in the registration of military passports with the subsequent organization of a foreign tour.

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