How To Change Age In Passport

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How To Change Age In Passport
How To Change Age In Passport

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Many women more than once caught themselves on the fact that once they had to underestimate their age, and young boys, on the contrary, want to appear more respectable, and can add a couple of years to themselves. But this is all only in words. But changing the age in the passport is a more complicated procedure if there is no good reason for it.

How to change age in passport
How to change age in passport


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If you want to change the numbers of the date of birth in your passport, for example, for a couple of years, and thus try to suddenly look younger, then you do not need to wait for a positive answer. The state will not allow changing the date of birth without objective and weighty reasons. Many responsibilities and rights in our country depend directly on the age of a person, so an attempt to change the age cannot be met with approval. In the passport, information about the date of birth is recorded on the basis of the birth certificate.

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Article 70 of the Federal Law "On Acts of Civil Status" states that a change in the date of birth is made if incorrect information is indicated in the passport, some spelling errors were made, or the entry was not made in accordance with the basic rules. In this case, if errors are found and then confirmed, you will be able to change the necessary data. If the error was made at the time of birth registration, then first you must change the data in the birth certificate itself, and only then the changes will be transferred to the passport. …

Step 3

If you have reasons for changing the date of birth that do not contradict the law, then feel free to contact the civil registry office located at your place of residence. In case of refusal, there is no need to be upset. In such a situation, judicial review is envisaged with the subsequent introduction of changes.

Step 4

Date of birth is of great importance in calculating the retirement age. Therefore, a frivolous desire to diminish a few years for yourself can alienate you from the long-awaited, well-deserved retirement. Plus, never forget that you are as old as you feel and how you look. And it is not at all necessary for everyone around you to know about your true age.

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