How To Get A Russian Passport At The Age Of 14

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How To Get A Russian Passport At The Age Of 14
How To Get A Russian Passport At The Age Of 14

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Obtaining a passport as a teenager is a very important and responsible step. It is this procedure that means that yesterday's child has taken a big step towards growing up today. However, a large number of questions are connected with obtaining a passport.

How to get a Russian passport at the age of 14
How to get a Russian passport at the age of 14

It is necessary

  • -statement;
  • -receipt of payment of the state duty;
  • -photographs 3, 5 x 4, 5 cm;
  • - documents confirming citizenship;
  • -birth certificate.


Step 1

In order to obtain a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation for a teenager who has reached the age of 14, he must personally come to the bodies of the Federal Migration Service at his place of residence and fill out an application there. The form of this document is approved and is called Form No. 1P, otherwise Appendix No. 1. You can fill out the application either by handwriting, or typing it on a computer or typewriter. The personal signature of the citizen must be present on it. By the way, it must be certified by an authorized employee of a state body. If a teenager, for a number of reasons, cannot personally fill out the application form, then an employee of the migration service must do it for him.

Step 2

You also need to provide a birth certificate to the migration service. If suddenly this document is lost or destroyed, then before issuing a passport, it must be restored. To do this, it is enough to come to the registry office, write an application and receive a duplicate of the document. If, suddenly, even a repeated issue of a birth certificate is impossible, then you will still be given a passport. Based on other required documents.

Step 3

Don't forget about photographs, of course. To issue a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, a teenager must bring two photographs (now both black and white and color are allowed) measuring 3, 5 x 4, 5 cm.The image must be clear, full face and without a headdress. However, in some cases there are exceptions. Headwear in the picture may be present only if it does not mask the oval of the face. And this is allowed only for those young people who, for religious reasons, cannot take off their headdress. A separate provision applies to those who wear glasses. You cannot be photographed for a passport with tinted glasses.

Step 4

Also, to apply for a passport at the age of 14, you must provide documents confirming your citizenship. Recently, a note about this is usually put on the back of a child's birth certificate. You may also need documents confirming the registration of a teenager at a certain place of residence. In some cases, migration officials may require a photocopy of the passports of the parents of a 14-year-old child. And of course, to get your passport, you will need a receipt for payment of the state fee.

Step 5

Those citizens who live outside the Russian Federation are still required to obtain a passport. And this can be done in the Russian embassies of those countries where they constantly live. If the teenager was previously a citizen of another country, but now he has Russian citizenship, then he applies for a national passport on a general basis. The only thing he needs to add is all his documents relating to past citizenship, translated into Russian.

Step 6

Within a week, the specialists of the migration service will check all the information and draw up the document. It remains only to pick it up.

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