How To Guide A Colleague

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How To Guide A Colleague
How To Guide A Colleague

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We spend most of our lives at work. When we accompany a colleague to retirement or to another job, we see off the person with whom we have spent more than one day. Warm friendly atmosphere and good wishes will leave pleasant impressions and will be remembered for a long time by your colleague and you.

How to guide a colleague
How to guide a colleague


Step 1

Create a festive atmosphere for the departing colleague on the last day of his work. Buy a bouquet of flowers, prepare a colorful postcard with poems or just wishes. Many poems and good wishes to a colleague can be found on Internet sites.

Step 2

Prepare a wall newspaper if possible. It's good if you have photos of your colleague at work, at a meeting, at a corporate party, on a business trip. Describe the steps of his career ladder, merits. Write how he was in relation to coworkers at work. Emphasize positive personality traits: If your coworker moves to your firm's headquarters, play with it. For example, draw a "career ladder" going up.

Step 3

If your co-worker is retiring, talk to their immediate supervisor. Maybe management will find an opportunity to write out a monetary reward. This money can be given to the outgoing employee, or you can spend it on buying a memento. Carefully ask your former colleague what he would like to buy for a long time, as well as his plans for the near future. For example, if he plans to relax a little in nature, buy him a voucher for a few days to a camp site or a sanatorium. If he dreamed of a new TV for a long time, present it.

Step 4

If your colleague leaves for another job or simply leaves "on his own", collect money for a small memorable gift. Present a coffee maker, an interesting tea set, a beautiful table lamp. Present a meaningful gift. For example, say: "If you drink coffee from this coffee maker in the morning, everything will turn out as well in your new job as here."

Step 5

Organize a small banquet. If your colleague is retiring, it is good to ask the outgoing colleague's immediate superior to speak at the beginning of the ceremonial part. He can personally present to a colleague the compensation or monetary reward due. It is also appropriate to ask your boss to give a speech when your co-worker moves to the head office, then read your wishes and hand over the gift.

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