How To Return A Defective Phone

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How To Return A Defective Phone
How To Return A Defective Phone

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Alas, it may happen that the phone you bought turns out to be faulty. What, then, to do? Of course, you should go to the store to exchange goods or get your money back.

How to return a defective phone
How to return a defective phone


Step 1

In the store with your problem, contact any sales consultant. You are obliged to be sent to check the malfunction and if it is confirmed, then you must return the money. But this is at best.

Step 2

Unfortunately, there are cases when the staff does not value the reputation of the store, and you may face rudeness and rejection. The seller can tell you that the phone is a so-called TST - a technically complex product, and you cannot exchange the device or get your money back. This is absolutely not the case.

Step 3

Remember your rights - they are specified in the Consumer Protection Law. Even purchased on credit, the product must be replaced or returned. You have the right to return the phone even if the original packaging and receipt are lost. But the saved warranty card for the product and the cashier's receipt will help simplify the situation.

Step 4

In case of refusal, write a claim in duplicate to the Consumer Rights Department. In this claim, you should file a request to terminate the sales contract with the store. No need to mention phone refunds or exchanges.

Step 5

It is better to insist that you must be present for any possible examination. Next, take the claim to the store and get a signature from the representative of the trade organization. Most often, this can intimidate the store management, and they will not want unnecessary checks and trials.

Step 6

If this did not stop the store, then you have to wait for 10 days. Delivery of the device to the service center will be in the interests of the retailer itself. It is better not to return the goods under the warranty card for repair yourself. After all, it can drag on. You always have the right to withdraw money or get a new device.

Step 7

Know your rights and use them skillfully. A smart buyer will always achieve their goal.

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