How To Evaluate Work

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How To Evaluate Work
How To Evaluate Work

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Evaluating employee performance is one of the most important functions of any manager. An honest impartial assessment of the activities of colleagues allows you to objectively see the positive and negative qualities of each employee and adjust the nature of the employees' activities in the future. Thus, a correct assessment can help a company to improve employee motivation many times over, and, consequently, to increase their productivity and the company's profit.

How to evaluate work
How to evaluate work

It is necessary

  • Description of the job responsibilities of each employee
  • Objectives
  • Attendance records and hours worked
  • The results of observations of the activities of colleagues
  • Quiet place


Step 1

To be able to objectively assess the work of employees, regularly meet with them and summarize the interim results of the work. Tell them what is expected of them in the future, define short-term work goals. In addition, you will be able to discuss the results already achieved, and if something did not go quite smoothly, adjust the future actions of the employee. Daily chatting about life, especially if you work in neighboring offices, does not count. Meet regularly to discuss the work process over a period of time.

Step 2

When evaluating any employee, be sure to take into account not only the last memorable achievements and misdeeds, but also all of his activities over the past year. To do this, regularly make notes about the work of colleagues so that, as necessary, you can evaluate their work more objectively, using the accumulated information.

Step 3

Don't let your personal preferences and emotions influence your employee assessment results. Focus exclusively on their professional qualities and performance.

Step 4

To evaluate the work of an employee, identifying his strengths and weaknesses will help. Discuss them with the employee, try to come to a joint decision about whether it is possible to overcome the weaknesses and how to further develop the employee's dignity, work out a plan for the development of work for the next year.

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