How To Increase The Rank Of A Welder

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How To Increase The Rank Of A Welder
How To Increase The Rank Of A Welder

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Professional development is a big enough problem for people who have accumulated experience in the process of work and now want to prove that they are worthy of being awarded a new category. If you want to gain recognition for your skills and abilities, do the following:

How to increase the rank of a welder
How to increase the rank of a welder


Step 1

If you work for a large enterprise, make sure you have a qualification board and are able to take the exam. To do this, it should include specialists of your particular field, so that they can objectively assess the level of your knowledge. If your plant does not have such a structure, try to involve the qualification commission of any vocational technical school, provided that they have exactly your specialty. Most likely, they will meet you halfway.

Step 2

Agree on the appointment of a person in charge and develop a plan for your training in the workplace.

Step 3

On the day chosen by the commission, take the exam and receive a document confirming the assignment of the next category.

Step 4

If the organization in which you work is very small, you can contact the training center through the Employment Service for advanced training. You must be given the opportunity to take suitable courses. However, you need to find out in advance whether you will receive a document on the assignment of a category at the end of the course, or simply you will be given a certificate that you have attended this course. Such a certificate will not be able to help you in any way, and it has nothing to do with the crust about the assignment of the category.

Step 5

Agree with the employer about whether he is ready to pay for your training, how much your salary will increase after the assignment of the category, and what your new position will be called. If the employer does not pay for your courses, the training will have to take place at their own expense, and this is quite expensive.

Step 6

Sometimes the employer simply does not have the right to admit you to certain types of work if you did not have the appropriate crusts. However, after assigning a category, new horizons may well open up in front of you. You need to try to have time to become a high-class specialist, so that subsequently there is no obstacle to the next promotion.

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