How To Get The Rank Of Major

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How To Get The Rank Of Major
How To Get The Rank Of Major

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Major is the first of the highest officer ranks, which was introduced in Russia under Peter the Great in 1698. However, now only one star flaunts on the shoulder straps, and not two, as it was before.

How to get the rank of major
How to get the rank of major


Step 1

Go to serve in the regular army. If you are over 18 years old, then you have the right to serve by conscription or contract. In this case, you will become a private in the RF Armed Forces. As of 2012, conscripts serve only one year. In the first six months, they can receive the rank of junior sergeant. Then there is the opportunity to purchase additional stripes for shoulder straps and become a sergeant or senior sergeant.

Step 2

Enter a higher military educational institution. This can be done after completing secondary education or one year of service in the army. They study in such universities for 5 years and receive the rank of lieutenant upon successful completion. After that, you can continue your service and get a "senior lieutenant" and "captain". 2-3 years after receiving the rank of captain, there is an opportunity to become a major.

Step 3

Work your way up the corporate ladder. Remember that the rank is given either for successes during exercises or in hostilities. If you are not being sent to hot spots, then you need to take healthy initiative. Namely - to harmoniously command a platoon, so that later you will be appointed as a company commander. Subject to successful work, you will receive the position of deputy battalion commander, who is awarded the rank of major.

Step 4

Finish a military department or military training center. Such an opportunity exists for full-time students of universities, on the basis of which they have military training. If you have aspirations to become an officer, then choose a university where there is a UHC (military training center). You will need to complete 5 years of training, upon completion of which you will be awarded the rank of "lieutenant".

Step 5

Serve 3-5 years in the ranks of the RF Armed Forces, according to the concluded agreement. Usually, UHC graduates serve for 3 years. Then they either go to the reserve or continue their service. During the contract service, you can reach the "senior lieutenant" and "captain". After another 2-3 years, it is possible to receive the rank of major with successful command over the composition of a company during an exercise.

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