How To Become A Welder

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How To Become A Welder
How To Become A Welder

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Every graduate once faces the question of choosing a future profession. This is a difficult choice that will largely determine your future life. The policy of our state in recent years is aimed at reducing the number of people with higher education, since at present the training of specialists of various working specialties is declared a priority.

How to become a welder
How to become a welder

Features of the profession

The modern world is completely based on metal. It is used everywhere: in the construction of high-rise buildings, ships, in everyday life. And the profession of a welder is a great art. Anyone who can master the skills of working with a welding machine to perfection will become a virtuoso of welding.

How to become a welder

To become a welder, you need to graduate from a vocational school or college. When choosing an educational institution, it is important to pay attention to the staff of teachers and the document that is issued upon graduation. It is good if the educational institution itself is engaged in the employment of graduates in medium and large enterprises. This will be a good start for a novice welder. But this is not enough. The main thing is the experience, which will certainly not come immediately.

It should be said that the work of a welder is hard in terms of physical activity. The eye strain is also great, because the welder has to look at flying sparks all day. Therefore, only young men with excellent health can apply for a welder.

There are several types and methods of welding that a professional welder must master. Friction welding, for example, is characterized by constant pressure on the objects to be welded, as a result of which they are connected. And in spot welding, parts are heated by an electric current and squeezed, forming an overlapping welded joint. This type of welding has been developed in the automotive industry. Electroslag welding is the most economical and frequently used. Its peculiarity is that with this method of welding it is possible to weld metals of various thicknesses in one pass, using one or two electrodes. There are also known butt, argon, laser and other types of welding. Not all of them will be able to study at a vocational school or college, so be prepared for the fact that a professional welder is doomed to study all his life.

The main qualities in the work of a welder are patience, calmness and peace of mind. The welder needs to lead the seam slowly, catch the arc, then the product will turn out to be solid, and the seam is strong and of high quality.

A welder needs to be able to combine practical skills with theoretical knowledge gained in an educational institution, in this case it is possible to become a professional in welding. A competent welder should strive for error-free work in order to subsequently improve his qualifications.

It is worth saying that at today's job fair the profession of a welder is in great demand. This is due to the fact that welding works are carried out everywhere, and there are not so many people who own this profession, since the profession is considered not prestigious. Therefore, yesterday's college graduate receives up to 30 thousand rubles, and an experienced specialist with work experience and a high rank - twice as much.

So the profession of a welder is promising and in demand. This specialist can find application of his knowledge not only in production, but also to engage in personal business. Today people who know how to produce something qualitatively "with their own" hands are appreciated more than ever.

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