How To Become A Programmer

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How To Become A Programmer
How To Become A Programmer

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The development of IT-technologies has led to the fact that the profession of a programmer today is one of the most popular and most attractive according to youth polls.

How to become a programmer
How to become a programmer

Is it difficult to become a programmer

A person who wants to become a programmer is faced with the question: what to do to master programming skills? Which programming language should you learn first?

According to experienced computer scientists, in order to become a programmer and master all the nuances of the profession, you need to constantly program. A lot, long and sometimes even boring. After all, as you know, writing code takes a programmer 30% of the time, the remaining 70% will be spent on finding errors, and then eliminating them. Therefore, think carefully, is it worth it?

In general, the profession of a programmer consists in writing various programs - this is an understanding of the profession in a global sense. You can often hear that almost all people who work with computers, for example, system administrators, are called programmers. This is an erroneous definition.

If you have definitely and irrevocably decided that it is worth mastering programming skills, then you need to decide on the choice of an educational institution. To master the profession of a programmer, it is not necessary to graduate from a university, a technical school is enough. There you will get a decent theoretical base and practical programming skills, get acquainted with languages ​​and basic programming algorithms.

However, not everything will be taught to you in the technical school. Know that in order to master the profession perfectly and become a master of your craft, you will have to study a lot and painstakingly in the future, already on your own.

What are the programmers

Programmers are usually divided into two groups: system programmers and application programmers. The first write programs that serve the computer and its components, for example, drivers for various devices. Application programmers keep in working order what the "systems engineers" have created. System programmers are paid higher than application programmers. It will take a long time and a lot of experience to become a “systems engineer”. However, in the job market, people of this specialty are in high demand.

Database programmers stand out among the programmers, whose work and skills are also worthy of value. Their work is related to accounting systems and requires close attention. The scope for creativity is minimal. You can also single out script programmers, that is, they are engaged in the development of scripts for programs, scripts. And there are also many different specializations for programmers. So there is a choice.

As for higher educational institutions, many of them train programmers. And you can enter a university without going through a technical school. The main thing is to understand the essence of the profession, and it is to be able to think broadly, perspective, to understand the structure of the program, and how it will function from different angles.

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