What To Do If The Boss Is A Tyrant

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What To Do If The Boss Is A Tyrant
What To Do If The Boss Is A Tyrant

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When the boss cannot sensibly lead the team and the production process, behaves waywardly, gets irritated for no reason, the incentive for fruitful work under the leadership of such a leader disappears.

What to do if the boss is a tyrant
What to do if the boss is a tyrant

Chief tyrant

It is worthwhile to first figure out which boss you should definitely not deal with, and with which one you can try to find a common language.

Imagine - the boss constantly monitors your work due to the lack of trust in employees, does not consider them professionals, thinks that they absolutely cannot work independently for the benefit of the common cause. Or, during work, problems arise, the solution of which requires the intervention of the boss, and he absolutely does not find time to deal with them. Employees, in turn, are not authorized to make such decisions. As a result, complications only accumulate, deadlines are violated, the quality of work suffers or the number of defects increases, there is tension and a desire to part with such work, where the director is capricious to a similar degree and no positive tendencies are noticed.

This type of leader can be identified in just a few days of work. In the event of problems, such a director puzzles all employees with them, but believes that the problem will somehow be solved by itself. Organizes endless discussions about the only difficulty, the goal of which is the adoption of the only correct, undeniable decision. Attempts to implement innovations that are in no way suitable for a particular enterprise, only causing confusion in the workflow of the entire team. Increases its prestige at the expense of lower-ranking employees, losing itself in the eyes of equals and losing respect among companions.

How to work under the control of a tyrant boss

What if the leader is prone to nagging? How to put yourself right in such an enterprise? Can you even hope to build your career under the leadership of such a boss? You may be surprised, but all the same - it is quite possible! There is an opportunity to work, fulfilling all his orders, supporting his wayward approach to administration, and most importantly, doing his own development in the necessary manner or gradually looking for a job that is more suitable for you.

It is definitely not worth delaying firing if alcohol has power over your director, and even employees are involved in sharing his addictions. Such a team is saturated with informal relationships, behind-the-scenes leaders are formed, and the rest of the employees are informally subordinate to them. That is, the director has no weight in the organization, all his authority is shared by unofficial superiors. Such a team should be left without any hesitation.

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