How To Behave If The Boss Is A Fool

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How To Behave If The Boss Is A Fool
How To Behave If The Boss Is A Fool
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As folk wisdom says, fools are not sowed or plowed, they will be born themselves. Once born, they quickly grow up and turn into dull-witted adults. Quite often, fools are quite successful in moving up the career ladder and becoming bosses. Your bosses. To adapt to the foolish boss, you have to constantly keep the situation under control.

Your boss is waiting for you
Your boss is waiting for you


Peter I also said that a subordinate should look dashing and silly. A subordinate and a subordinate, in order to show diligence and not interfere with the authorities to show their wisdom. Even if your boss doesn't have this wisdom for the slightest bit, pretend you're dumber. Even the most objective person takes pleasure in being listened to carefully. What can we say about a fool who is delighted with the fact that he is reverently listened to?

The foolish boss subconsciously selects the team “for himself”. Looking closely at your work colleagues, you will see that some of them pretend to be idiots, while others are in fact. But no one rises above the bar set by the boss. The fool does not want to see around him smart, self-sufficient, courageous people. He wants stupid obedience, and your task is to submissively agree with his every word.

Promote your ideas

When the foolish boss is convinced of his mental superiority over you, you can begin to promote your ideas. Of course, all ideas should be thrown to the chef by accident, so that he does not doubt for a minute that they were synthesized by his brilliant mind. Prove your loyalty to the boss and he will allow you to stand out from the crowd of your subordinates and rise to a certain level.

Never demonstrate to a fool the full power of your intellect. The very first attempt to put an idiot boss in his place will end in failure: fools are very sensitive to such issues and instantly calculate the sources of possible danger. If your boss senses even the slightest threat coming from you, you will not have time to look back as you will find yourself on the list to be fired or laid off.

He is the boss, I am a fool

You can try to establish control over your boss. Since you consider yourself smarter than your boss, then use your intelligence and try to make your boss need you. Make yourself irreplaceable, become the “eyes and ears” of the boss in the team, raise the level of your boss's trust to unprecedented heights. In the farthest corner of his soul, a fool realizes the degree of his squalor and seeks to find an intelligent, but self-controlled person to use for his own purposes. Become this person and the boss will become enslaved by you.

Sooner or later the moment will come when the higher authorities will guess that your boss is a fool. Try to make sure that this guess comes to the higher authorities faster, and you may be able to take the place of the dismissed boss. Just do not share your plans with anyone: a career does not tolerate sentimentality, and colleagues at work may simply turn you over to the boss.

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