How To Behave In A New Team

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How To Behave In A New Team
How To Behave In A New Team

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The first day in a new team is not an easy one. You will get to know your bosses and colleagues with whom you may spend many years together. And it is advisable to leave a good impression about yourself when you meet.

How to behave in a new team
How to behave in a new team


Step 1

Psychologists say that people form their opinion about new acquaintances within the first ten to fifteen seconds and then change it extremely reluctantly. Therefore, your task is to win the favor at first sight. Neat appearance: stylish and tidy clothes, clean shoes, elegant hairstyle and a sincere smile can help you with this.

Step 2

When you enter your new office, you will surely be surrounded by interested colleagues. Try to listen more than talk. If you're sharing something, don't try to tell everything about yourself. You still do not know how your relationship with employees will work out, and you should not give them unnecessary information at the first stage of dating. In the end, there is always a chance that she will be used against you.

Step 3

If there are established groups in the team that do not like each other, try not to participate in the conflict. Avoid gossip, dodge provocative questions. Your firm position can subsequently earn the respect of both colleagues and superiors.

Step 4

At first, the bosses, as a rule, do not touch the new employee, allowing him to get used to it and enter the work process. However, this stage should not be delayed. Get involved gradually and provide your manager with proof that you were not hired in vain. If you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to ask your colleagues questions. It is likely that they themselves will be happy to feel needed and experienced workers.

Step 5

Don't try to make changes to your workflow right away. Even if you see how to get the job done faster and more efficiently, save this knowledge. Such an initiative from a newcomer can irritate the manager and employees. When you get comfortable, your opinion will be listened to much more willingly.

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