How To Behave In A Female Team

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How To Behave In A Female Team
How To Behave In A Female Team

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Sometimes the female collective can be compared to a terrarium or a cage with predators. Working in such an environment can be very difficult and sometimes unsafe. But observing several rules of conduct in the women's team, you can find a common language with colleagues.

How to behave in a female team
How to behave in a female team


Step 1

Do not give a reason for gossip and intrigue around you. Don't show up to work in provocative outfits and bright makeup. Conversely, do not be a tastelessly dressed gray mouse, they are also not liked.

Step 2

Do not carry on spicy conversations with friends on the phone in the presence of the "woman's kingdom". However, it is also not worth hiding your personal life at all. Tell your colleagues about your marital status, university studies, past jobs. Share neutral stories from your childhood on occasion. Create an image of an ordinary law-abiding citizen who rarely gets into unpleasant situations.

Step 3

Do not try to impose your own rules on an established team. If it is customary for them to interrupt work at 11 o'clock in the morning and drink tea or coffee, do not blame them for this. And if you do not want to keep them company, politely refuse, referring to the fact that in fifteen minutes you need to turn in a report or that you are on a strict diet. Or, for example, while working, women discuss family problems, share culinary recipes, wash bones to an employee from a neighboring department. Don't interfere. If it distracts you from your work, put on your headphones and play your favorite music.

Step 4

Do not show from the first days of work that you are much more professional than any woman from this team. They will not tolerate upstarts. If one of your colleagues asks for your help, pretend that you are insanely glad that they turned to you and give good advice.

Step 5

Be kind to your coworkers. Treat them to homemade pie or cookery cookies. If some of the women have children or grandchildren growing up, and you have a bicycle or sled that you do not need on the mezzanine, suggest giving them if the children need these things.

Step 6

Stay away from quarrels and intrigues that break out in the team every now and then. If a quarrel or intrigue directly concerns your person, or they are trying to draw you into them, make it clear that you are not going to participate in this. Indifference sometimes helps to cool the ardor.

Step 7

If the "woman's kingdom" nevertheless declared war on you, do not rush to run away with complaints to the authorities. Try putting them back in place yourself first. Gather everyone for a five-minute meeting. Ask what your colleagues do not like about you and what is the reason for this terror. Let everyone speak. If they have objective reasons to dislike you, repent and promise to improve. If you are clean in front of them, demand an apology from them.

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