How To Wish Your Boss A Happy Birthday

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How To Wish Your Boss A Happy Birthday
How To Wish Your Boss A Happy Birthday

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In our view, the boss always looks like a tough and heartless person. But such his features are often a mask, which means that you can look at the leader in a different way. There is always a chance to see a “human” chef if you present him with an unusual birthday present.

How to wish your boss a happy birthday
How to wish your boss a happy birthday


Step 1

You can originally congratulate your boss on his birthday if you adhere to some rules. Observe your boss, try to find out the range of his interests and hobbies. Talk to those employees who have been in the organization longer than you, because they may have much more information about the strengths and weaknesses of the boss.

Step 2

Having collected a sufficient amount of information about the interests of the leader, proceed to the analysis of the accumulated data. Be sure to put yourself in his shoes. Try asking yourself what kind of birthday surprise you would like to have.

Step 3

Take the time to prepare a surprise or choose a gift, because what you present to your manager, perhaps, also depends on his attitude towards you as an employee.

Step 4

Congratulate your boss so that later other colleagues do not perceive your congratulations as a desire to advance in the service to the detriment of the rest of the team.

Step 5

Prepare unusual packaging for even the most unpretentious gift, place the text of the greeting in a high-quality unsealed envelope so that the boss concludes that there are no trifles for you, and that you approach any business very scrupulously. The envelope should not be sealed, so as not to add ambiguity to congratulations.

Step 6

Prepare a short but powerful speech of congratulations. Moreover, while pronouncing it, pause, allowing the leader to insert remarks (comments). Remember that bosses do not like it when their subordinates talk for a long time in their presence, even if the speech is associated with laudatory tirades.

Step 7

Try to associate the original greeting with the benefit of the entire organization that this person leads.

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