How To Wish Your Colleagues A Happy New Year

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How To Wish Your Colleagues A Happy New Year
How To Wish Your Colleagues A Happy New Year

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The New Year, although it is considered a family holiday, can also be celebrated at work and congratulated by your colleagues. In fact, they are your second family, and you spend even more time with them on weekdays than with your family and friends. Sometimes, you are aware of their personal life, habits and affections, so you can take into account their preferences when choosing gifts.

How to wish your colleagues a Happy New Year
How to wish your colleagues a Happy New Year


Step 1

You should not make expensive gifts, quite simple ones, but chosen with love and respect. Their cost should be approximately the same, so as not to offend anyone. Don't buy a cheap and useless trinket. Buy something inexpensive but functional - cell phone stands, key rings, even sets of Christmas balls or Christmas candles will come in handy. If you know everyone intimately, you can choose different gifts according to tastes, but the same will be well received.

Step 2

It is not necessary to give something from the category of stationery - you can choose something more intimate, it will match the family atmosphere that distinguishes the New Year holidays from all others. It can be a small, beautifully designed bar of handmade soap, with a masculine or feminine scent, a hand cream that will always come in handy even in the office.

Step 3

You can give all your colleagues, and at the same time yourself, one gift, for example, a convenient thermos for brewing tea, a beautiful vase in the office or a picture that will decorate the wall in it. Even a pretty wall calendar for next year will do.

Step 4

If there are many tea connoisseurs and lovers among your colleagues, then buy several bags of different good tea, which is sold by weight. With them or separately, you can purchase a good clay teapot, to which they will brew real, "correct" tea and remember you with a kind word. Also, by the way, in this case, there will be a cake that you bring to the office on the last working day before the New Year.

Step 5

Think of a congratulation and a wish for everyone that will be especially pleasant to him. Express it verbally or write it on a greeting card. The main thing is sincerity, which will always be noticed and appreciated by your colleagues. If you have designer talent and time, you can make a collage wall newspaper and write all your wishes there, decorating it in a fun, festive style.

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