How To Wish A Happy New Year To A Client

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How To Wish A Happy New Year To A Client
How To Wish A Happy New Year To A Client

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Happy New Year to the client is a responsible business. Indeed, in addition to what you need to say or write your partner's actual congratulations on the holiday, you also need to make sure that the gift constantly reminds you of your company. But if you think about it, you can find an interesting and original way to congratulate this magical holiday.

How to wish a Happy New Year to a client
How to wish a Happy New Year to a client

It is necessary

computer, Internet access, telephone, funds for the purchase of gifts


Step 1

Use small but useful things. The most popular are notebooks, pens, calendars and folders with a corporate logo. T-shirts and mugs are less common. This method is the most successful for publishing houses and printing houses, as well as for companies engaged in the production of souvenirs. However, even if your organization does not belong to the above, you probably have contractors in this area who, as a New Year's gift, can give you a small discount. These souvenirs should be presented to each partner with whom you have worked more or less frequently throughout the year.

Step 2

Email the customer representative. A distinctive feature of this congratulation is the absence of spending. Write a letter in which you thank for your cooperation, wish all the best in the coming year and send an image with a picture. It is advisable to choose a postcard or just a beautiful background on which you can also insert the congratulation text. And don't forget to add your company logo. You can even congratulate those customers who have made only one order in the past year or have remained potential. Such attention will be pleasant to them. And perhaps next year you will sign a cooperation agreement.

Step 3

Congratulate your clients personally in the costume of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. This method can be carried out if the partner is in the same city. It is quite time consuming, but customers will certainly appreciate this kind of congratulation. This method can be used for loyal partners with whom you have developed a friendly relationship.

Step 4

Contact an advertising agency. It is this organization that will help you come up with and implement a truly non-standard congratulation. Such agencies always have a few creative ideas in stock that they can offer you. It can even be a whole theatrical congratulation with contests and prizes. The only moment is that it is advisable to warn the client about such a congratulation in advance so that he does not schedule a meeting or leave for a meeting at this time.

Step 5

Invite a client to a corporate evening. You can rent a cafe or restaurant where you should invite your most beloved customers, hold an entertainment program for them, and be sure to give each invitee a small gift with brand symbols.

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