How To Wish Your Manager A Happy Birthday

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How To Wish Your Manager A Happy Birthday
How To Wish Your Manager A Happy Birthday

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The leader is a very important person in the life of the organization. Therefore, congratulating him on his birthday requires a thoughtful and competent approach from his subordinates. This rather difficult question must be resolved taking into account various factors.

How to wish your manager a happy birthday
How to wish your manager a happy birthday

It is necessary

  • - air balloons;
  • - photos;
  • - present.


Step 1

To congratulate the manager on his birthday is a rather troublesome and pleasant business.

First, determine the nature of your relationship with your boss. Congratulations should be tactful and respectful if you have an exclusively formal and serious relationship. If there is a share of informal and friendly contacts in them, congratulations can be warmer and more cheerful.

Step 2

How to congratulate the leader, you can decide depending on his belonging to a particular gender. If this is a woman, be sure to give her a bouquet of flowers. It is advisable to ask in advance what flowers are her favorites. Women are very good at reciting poetry or singing a song in her honor. To do this, you need to work hard and insert the name of the boss into the verses, as well as sing in verse her business qualities and other advantages that she possesses. The main thing is that congratulations sound sincere. Congratulations in the form of prose are quite suitable for a man.

Step 3

Write your congratulations in the following way or think of yourself.

For example: “During the years of your leadership, our team has managed to unite with a single goal. Thanks to the brain center of our company in your person, great results have been achieved. We really appreciate your difficult, daily, painstaking work. It is quite difficult to manage us, but you are coping with this task perfectly! We wish you success in your work, health and happiness! Let your family always make you happy. And we will also try not to disappoint you!"

Step 4

And to congratulate the manager on the anniversary, you have to try much more than usual. To do this, decorate the room with balloons and posters with congratulations. A wall newspaper or a collage of photos of employees will look very original. And at the head of everyone, of course, put a photo of the leader.

Step 5

Choose a gift for the leader very carefully. It is better to choose not too cheap, but not too expensive, so as not to embarrass your boss. The gift, of course, should be exceptional and hint at business qualities. For example, give a man something that adds authority and power to him: an expensive ashtray, a business card holder made of marble, an exquisite pen or a leather diary. Give a woman something that hints at her charm, beauty and intelligence: a floor vase, a large painting with a beautiful landscape of mountains or a waterfall, an exquisite sculpture.

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