Where To Report Your Boss

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Where To Report Your Boss
Where To Report Your Boss

Video: Where To Report Your Boss

Video: Where To Report Your Boss
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Relationships with superiors are not always smooth. It happens that the manager is too picky about the results of the workers' work, showing unreasonable exactingness. But worst of all, when the boss blatantly violates the labor law. The Labor Code allows employees to defend their rights in all ways that are not prohibited by law.

Where to report your boss
Where to report your boss

It is necessary

  • - the passport;
  • - a copy of the work book;
  • - labor contract;
  • - documents confirming the violation of the employee's rights.


Step 1

Use administrative capabilities to resolve the conflict with your line manager. If you consider your boss's claim to be unfounded, contact your superior management. State your complaint in the correct form and ask to intervene in the conflict. An experienced enterprise manager would prefer to settle the situation on the spot, without waiting for it to become the subject of legal proceedings.

Step 2

Find out if the plant has a union and a labor dispute committee. These organizations can mediate disputes. Contact the trade union committee or designated committee with a written statement. Such a measure, however, can be effective only at a fairly large enterprise that has an authoritative trade union capable of influencing relations in the team.

Step 3

Contact the State Labor Inspectorate of your region with a complaint if the conflict cannot be resolved within the enterprise. Find out which inspector is in charge of your business. Make an appointment with your grievance outlined in advance. An employee of the labor inspection will help you draw up the document correctly and will accept the complaint for execution. Based on the results of the verification of the facts stated by you, the management of the enterprise will have to take measures and report this to the inspection.

Step 4

If you think that the actions of your manager are infringing on your labor rights, contact the prosecutor's office or the court. When making a statement or claim, indicate which labor law norms have been violated. Attach copies of documents confirming the facts stated by you to the application: employment contract, copy of work book, financial documents, pay slips, and so on. Based on the results of consideration of your complaint, the guilty person may be brought to administrative and even criminal liability.