How To Impress Your Boss

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How To Impress Your Boss
How To Impress Your Boss
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Making a good impression on your boss can help keep your job safe and help you move up the corporate ladder. This should be done carefully, thoughtfully and sincerely, without overstepping certain limits. What needs to be done to become a valuable employee for the boss?

How to impress your boss
How to impress your boss


Step 1

Suggest ideas for saving company money. Bosses in any company need to cut costs where possible and make decisions to fix financial problems. If you can come up with some practical ideas for saving the organization's money and consider the idea with your boss, then you will highlight your interest in the well-being of the company and leave a good impression.

Step 2

Exceed where needed. Determine what skill weaknesses your boss has. Improve your own abilities in areas where your boss has not excelled.

Step 3

Do your best. To make as much of a contribution to the company as possible, it will be helpful to occasionally perform tasks not included in your job description when those tasks can help you and your boss in the workplace. For example, you can focus on tasks that other employees often forget.

Step 4

Talk about your disabilities. If you're asked to solve a problem that you can't do, be direct about it and warn your boss. You should always show your willingness to learn, but if you lack experience or skills, then let your boss know about the inability to complete a particular task.

Step 5

Keep up to date with the industry as a whole. Competition can be fierce and keeping up with the development of the industry in which a company operates is an important part of its survival. Discuss news related to your industry with your boss and colleagues. This demonstrates the seriousness of the company's success.

Step 6

Take notes. It shows you from the outside as an employee who pays attention to certain details and strives to be knowledgeable about their work.

Step 7

Complete tasks assigned to you as soon as possible. If you are asked to set your own timeline, it is best to overstate it slightly. This way you can confidently achieve your goal. Do not overstate the deadlines, for example, if you know that you can complete the task in 3 days, you should not tell the boss that you need 3 weeks.

Step 8

Be tactful. Come to work 15 minutes earlier and 15 minutes later than the rest. Manage not only your time, but also keep order in your workplace. Keep essential materials and supplies on your desk to show that you are active and organized. Do not overload the workspace with unnecessary items, and also keep it untidy.

Step 9

Do not refuse to help your colleagues. If the employee has difficulty in some work, offer to help, especially if you are well versed in a particular area. Don't gloat or put yourself above others after that. On the contrary, take it easy.

Step 10

Leave your privacy at home. Various emergencies and other serious problems may need to take over. Everyone experiences some kind of day-to-day difficulties outside the workplace. Show your boss that you are at work both physically and mentally.

Step 11

Stay positive. A positive attitude goes a long way in your own productivity, it also helps to improve morale in the workplace. Your boss will definitely notice and appreciate it.

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