How To Impress In A Job Interview

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How To Impress In A Job Interview
How To Impress In A Job Interview

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You can often hear something like "I have already been to many interviews, but they refused me everywhere …" from a completely competent person. You can be an excellent specialist and have good recommendations, but not give the impression of a good employee, not be able to present yourself. How do you make a good impression in a job interview?

How to impress in a job interview
How to impress in a job interview


Step 1

Each of us is unique in its own way. This is appreciated by our family and friends, but not by the employer. When hiring a new employee, he is looking, firstly, for a person of proper competence, and secondly, for someone with whom it will be pleasant to work for him and his team, which has already been formed. Moreover, every employer has a certain stereotype of a good employee. In nuances, of course, he differs, but there is a certain set of qualities that must be demonstrated in order to make a good impression on the interview.

Step 2

As a rule, any employer expects from an employee such qualities as:

1. Politeness. Nobody likes a boor or a rude person.

2. Adequacy. If you are asked a question, you must answer it on the merits. No need for unnecessary details, attempts to be more original than others.

3. Resistance to stress. This is important for almost any employer. Resistance to stress does not mean that the applicant should resemble a robot, however, excessive emotionality, anxiety in the head, etc. are unlikely to speak of stress resistance.

4. the ability to solve problems. Any employee is hired for a specific purpose. Client Relationship Manager - to attract clients, office manager - to provide the office with everything you need, an "arbitrazhnik" lawyer - to handle (and win) cases in arbitration courts. It is important to demonstrate oneself as a person who knows how to find a problem and achieve a solution, work for a result, and take initiative.

5. a positive attitude. A good-natured and open sanguine person is more pleasant in communication and work than an introverted melancholic.

Step 3

Self-presentation skills, i.e. demonstrating yourself at the interview with the best side can be developed. Firstly, those who are not very confident in themselves can “practice” with their acquaintances. Let your friend be an employer for a bit and ask you questions that you usually hear in a job interview. This conversation can be recorded on a dictaphone, listened to and analyzed, what exactly is your problem, what you need to change in order to make a good impression on the employer.

Step 4

It so happens that a rejection received after an interview at a company that seemed suitable is so demoralizing that every interview becomes a huge stress: what if they refuse here too? Often this is exactly what happens, because you have already come up with a refusal attitude. Things like attitude are difficult to describe, but they often become our problem. The HR manager would like you very much if it did not seem to him that you seem to be afraid of something, not confident enough in yourself, you look dejected. This can and should be fought, because if you were refused several times, this does not mean that you are not suitable for all other employers. Try to relax on the way to the interview, listen to music in the transport, fantasize that you are not going to an interview, but already to work in this company, that an interesting project awaits you. This little internal training can help you make a good impression on your interview.

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