How To Issue A Warrant For An Apartment

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How To Issue A Warrant For An Apartment
How To Issue A Warrant For An Apartment

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Since 2005, after the entry into force of the new Housing Code of the Russian Federation, orders for apartments have been replaced with social tenancy agreements. The local Department of Housing and Housing Policy is responsible for issuing social tenancy contracts.

How to issue a warrant for an apartment
How to issue a warrant for an apartment


  • - application in any form;
  • - the passport;
  • - copies of documents and their originals proving the identity of all family members;
  • - documents that confirm your right to move into a dwelling: an order or a copy of the order, an extract (or a copy) from the decision of the executive authority on the provision of dwelling, another document serving as the basis for moving into a dwelling, an extract from the house book.


Step 1

The introduction of a new form of regulation of the right to use housing does not mean that people who have been issued a warrant cannot live without a contract: there are no legal penalties for this. But it will be better when the relationship is properly formalized. Moreover, there are situations when it is simply impossible to do without a social tenancy agreement: we are talking about moving in a new family member, registering a housing subsidy, when privatizing housing or subletting.

Step 2

The legislation provides for three forms of housing use: under a social lease agreement for residential premises, a commercial lease agreement, and an agreement for the free use of residential premises. Whichever employment contract you choose, conclude it in writing based on the decision of the authorized executive body (prefectures in administrative districts).

Step 3

To complete the contract, contact the housing department of the district office of the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Fund, present the package of necessary documents to its representatives. An employee of the department will check your documents and register them in an electronic database or in a special book, issuing an extract with a note on the date of admission and his signature.

Step 4

After a month, if the verification of documents is successful, gather all family members and go to the district office of the department to sign a social employment agreement and agree on additional conditions for using the residential premises.

Step 5

If you or someone from the family members on whom the apartment is registered cannot come, write a power of attorney to another relative. The agreement is signed in duplicate and given to the two parties to the agreement. Having received your copy, go with it to the managing organization, which will make changes to the financial personal account. After this, the relationship of social housing rental is considered formalized.

Step 6

Please note that under social tenancy and gratuitous use agreements, the size of the living space provided is 18 square meters of living space per person. For disabled people with musculoskeletal disorders, the area can be increased, but not more than twice. When making a commercial lease agreement, the size of the area is not limited by the provision rate.

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