How To Get A Warrant For An Apartment

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How To Get A Warrant For An Apartment
How To Get A Warrant For An Apartment

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During the Soviet era, many people had warrants for an apartment. This was the only document that needed to be provided for the provision of living space. Today, these orders have been revoked and replaced with social housing contracts.

How to get a warrant for an apartment
How to get a warrant for an apartment


Step 1

There are three types of housing lease agreements provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, which can be concluded by different groups of citizens:

- contract of social rental of residential premises;

- contract for commercial lease of residential premises;

- a contract for the free use of residential premises.

Step 2

Depending on what type of contract you conclude, you may be allocated an apartment of different sizes. For social and gratuitous hiring, 18 square meters per tenant is provided, but for the disabled, the area can be increased up to two times. The commercial lease agreement does not limit the area of ​​housing, but unlike the first two cases, tenants are not provided with subsidies for paying utility bills. Housing under a social rental contract can be used for an unlimited amount of time, and under two other contracts only for five years, but if there are certain grounds, this period can be extended.

Step 3

To enter into any of these three contracts, you need to report to the Housing Section of the Office of the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Fund. You or your relative with a power of attorney issued for him must provide:

- a written application for the conclusion of a contract;

- identity documents and their copies;

- documents proving the identity of all members of your family and their copies (for persons over 14 years old - a passport, for children under 14 - a birth certificate);

- certificate of marriage or divorce, if the persons indicated in them must be included in the contract;

- certificates to confirm the kinship of all persons whom you are going to include in the contract;

- documents that can confirm the grounds for moving you and your relatives into the dwelling.

Step 4

An employee of the housing department will check all the documents and your passport, check the application, enter all your data into a special database and inform you about when to come for the decision of the commission. Usually the application is considered for about a month. The Commission may refuse an application only in cases where the residential premises occupied by the applicant does not belong to the city; documents for obtaining a lease agreement are not executed correctly; there are no grounds for allocating living quarters to you.

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