How To Get An Apartment By Turns In

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How To Get An Apartment By Turns In
How To Get An Apartment By Turns In

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The fortieth article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation states that all citizens have their own right to housing. The state allocates apartments from the municipal or state fund under the terms of a social tenancy agreement. Be guided by the new Housing Code, which narrowed the scope of benefits for receiving apartments from the state, and also changed the procedure for granting apartments.

How to get an apartment one by one
How to get an apartment one by one


Step 1

You have the opportunity to get an apartment from the state for free. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, such a right is granted to low-income citizens. Prove that you are absent, no matter what kind of housing you have. Depending on the region of residence, the number of square meters of housing for each family member you may have less than regulated by the accounting standard. This is already a reason to turn to the authorities with a request to provide you with housing. If all the documents are collected, you can go to the local administration with a statement to be registered as needing residential premises.

Step 2

Citizens registered before 2005 are likely to receive free housing. This queue still exists. The new law introduced an additional requirement, according to which you must prove your poverty. Submit documents that indicate that the total income of your family, including all types of payments (wages, benefits, income from commerce, the value of all taxable property in your ownership), recalculated for each family member is the minimum amount. This means that the income is too small to acquire an apartment in ownership.

Step 3

The modern construction market supplies the bulk of housing for sale. Therefore, the speed of advancement of the main queue for housing is too slow to have real hope. A list of specific benefits will help you. You will be eligible for priority housing if you are orphans; persons living in emergency or dilapidated housing. Priority provision of housing is also due to those families in which a patient lives who poses a threat to others (for example, infected with AIDS, tuberculosis, schizophrenia, etc.).

Step 4

You can count on the priority receipt of an apartment if you have a document confirming that you are a military pensioner, a forced migrant (a refugee from the countries of the former USSR who is subject to political persecution, etc.), a migrant from the Far North region, from a closed village and etc.

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