How To Find Your Profile

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How To Find Your Profile
How To Find Your Profile

Video: How To Find Your Profile

Video: How To Find Your Profile
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Getting a job, making friends on a dating site, chatting with classmates and colleagues on social networks - all this will require a questionnaire, which everyone probably has. But the desktop is teeming with folders and files and the questionnaire cannot be found.

How to find your profile
How to find your profile


  • - computer;
  • - the Internet;
  • - Photo;
  • - personal data.


Step 1

Approach the question responsibly - if the questionnaire was in printed form, look carefully at home and at work. If you are sure that she is on the computer, think about when was the last time you saw her. If you saved a questionnaire on your computer, remember which folder it can be in.

Step 2

You can also use the search. You will definitely find the questionnaire if you know the name of the file. If you have forgotten the name of the file, enter your last name and first name or the word "profile".

Step 3

If you have not found the questionnaire on your personal computer, try to find it on the Internet. Look for it in the mail - you may have sent it to someone. Enter the mail, find the line with the search and enter "profile", "resume" or your last name with initials. The search will show you all the options that are available. Now check each of them, pay attention to the word files attached to the letter.

Step 4

Type your last name and first name in the search engine. Look carefully at the results - you will probably find your profile. Browse social media. If your profile is “lost” in a social network, contact the site's management and they will tell you what to do. Ask your friends - maybe you sent them your profile. If the profile was created on a job search site, look for it on their site. You may find it in the archive.