How To Analyze A Profile

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How To Analyze A Profile
How To Analyze A Profile

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When filling out the questionnaire, the applicant tries to actively advertise himself. Some provide information that does not quite correspond to their real qualities. For example, they overestimate their knowledge or write something completely different from what they ask to indicate. In such cases, a competent analysis of the applicant's questionnaire will help you not to be mistaken with the candidate.

How to analyze a profile
How to analyze a profile


  • - a questionnaire completed by the applicant;
  • - literature on HR management.


Step 1

Review the resume submitted by the applicant. Clarify the points that interest you the most, even before scheduling an appointment. When the person comes to the office, give him a questionnaire that must be filled out to continue your communication. The form should contain both general questions (for example, data of the applicant) and highly specialized provisions regarding the proposed position.

Step 2

Before inviting a person to the office for communication, take the previously issued questionnaire from him. Read it, emphasize those aspects that you want to pay special attention to when talking.

Step 3

When analyzing the questionnaire, pay attention to its form filled in by the candidate. This moment reflects the personality and psychological qualities of a person. For example, take a closer look at the handwriting. Large, well-understood letters, according to psychologists, reflect an open personality, the so-called. "Plowing soul". Small letters - a person prefers to keep a lot in himself, is rather secretive.

Step 4

When analyzing the questionnaire, the general slope of the text is also important. If he "creeps" up, then the candidate is in an excellent mood, strives for the specified position and is confident in himself. If the text smoothly "flows" down, perhaps the person is not particularly comfortable in this place, the mood is not very good and the desire to get a position is not high.

Step 5

In the case of "smoothly rolling down text" do not rush to refuse the candidate. Be sure to analyze his answers to important questions for the position. For example, if you need a punctual person, pay attention to filling in the items "Date of admission and dismissal." In the case of clearly marked numbers, it can be concluded that the candidate is well-versed in time, follows him, strives to perform all the necessary actions on time. If the dates are not set, then such a person can get lost not only in dates, but also in hours or minutes. Medium type of punctuality: partially filled columns. The further the event is in time, the less accuracy the person provides.

Step 6

Mindfulness can be analyzed if there are difficult questions in the questionnaire. Any forms of filling out that are unusual for a person, gradation of qualities, moments "from smallest to largest" and vice versa, filled in correctly, characterize an attentive candidate.

Step 7

An important aspect when working in a team is the conflict of the applicant or its absence. When analyzing this moment, pay attention to the degree of pressure of the person when writing, as well as the quality of writing them negative answers. The larger and clearer the word "no" is written, in comparison with other words, the higher the level of conflict of this candidate.

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