How To Be A Security Chief

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How To Be A Security Chief
How To Be A Security Chief

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So the long-awaited moment has come when you waited for a promotion, got a high position of the head of security. But now you have to fulfill new responsibilities, be responsible for the work of other people who will obey you. What does the security chief face at work?

How to be a security chief
How to be a security chief


personal protective equipment, weapons, uniform


Step 1

If you become the head of security, ensure the protection of guarded objects from theft, criminal encroachments, public unrest, and so on.

Step 2

Monitor the serviceability and proper operation of the alarm, take corrective measures, if necessary. Take a close look at your subordinates. Only reliable, responsible, executive people should work in the security service.

Step 3

In the event of an encroachment (attack) on an object you are guarded, do everything possible to repel the incoming threat, ensure the safety of the object and the people guarding it. If circumstances warrant, eliminate the consequences of the attack with the least damage.

Step 4

Develop a plan and manage activities to ensure the safety of the site. Control the work of people subordinate to you, make adjustments to their actions, organize training seminars on checking and improving the qualifications of security personnel. Keep an eye on the observance of the access control regime on the territory of the protected object, prevent any illegal entry of unauthorized persons there.

Step 5

If you have suggestions for improving the activities of the security service, submit them for consideration by the management, coordinate your actions. Ask (if circumstances require) help from management in organizing this or that event.

Step 6

Be punctual, disciplined, collected and nurture the same qualities in subordinates.

Step 7

By occupation, you are supposed to have personal protective equipment and weapons with you. Use it only when absolutely necessary, do not break the law, do not use your official position and do not exceed the authority given to you.

Step 8

Remember that there is liability for improper performance of official duties (in accordance with the labor code).

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